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When to Use Platinum Pro Translucent, Platinum Pro Clear Coat, or Both

When it comes time to finishing logs on your home, ZAR® from United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL) allows you to customize your approach. Now, with two varieties of Platinum Pro products (all formulated with log homes in mind), you can efficiently achieve the look you desire. Here, we’ll show you how to use ZAR®‘s Platinum PRO Translucent Exterior Urethane Finish and the new Platinum Pro Clear Coat to maximize aesthetics and durability, whether you choose to use them separately or together.

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Let’s dive in further:

When you desire color, Platinum Pro Translucent is the answer. This specially formulated finish protects your precious wood while enhancing its looks with various hues, from rich mahogany to barnwood gray to sage. Platinum Pro Translucent can be used independently, before, or after the Clear Coat.

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Clear Coat was created to provide the customer with options to work within a system in conjunction with the Translucent finish,” Sales Development Manager Jeff Brooks explains.

He explains that using it as a primer on wood that has been media blasted or highly porous, for example, can slow down the absorption rate when applying the Translucent finish.

Alternatively, let the wood shine (literally!) by preserving its natural good looks and integrity with a stand-alone coat of Clear Coat. When you don’t want to impart color, yet protection and overall preservation of the wood substrate is needed, the Platinum Pro Clear Coat will serve that purpose,” says Jeff.

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Clear Coat can be used as a primer or a stand-alone coat

Finally, you can layer it on top of Translucent for that extra layer of protection. Some owners like the peace of mind of knowing their investment has an extra layer of protection through a clear finish. The Clear Coat can serve the purpose of extending the life of the finish by maintaining the color as time passes.”

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Clear Coat can be layered on top of the Translucent finish

The Platinum Pro line from ZAR® erases maintenance concerns, which can vary widely for log homes depending on location and the home’s history. With Translucent or Clear Coat or a combination of the two, the satisfaction of good looks, durability, and consistently outstanding performance remains solid through the years.

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