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Why Do You Need a Finish on a Log Home in the First Place?

They’re out to get your log or timber home. The forces of nature — wind, rain, snow, harsh sunlight, temperature extremes, and simply the passage of time — are serious threats and can cause long-lasting trouble.

These inevitable elements conspire to punish the exteriors of log and timber homes in all kinds of locations, from the mountains to the plains, but there is a way to minimize the risk to the long-term good looks and integrity of the biggest investment many people will ever make in their lives – the home of their dreams.


Staining and sealing wood protects and preserves the integrity of the logs, which increases the overall longevity of the substrate,” explained UGL Sales and Development Manager Jeff Brooks. When there is no protection, the logs will be susceptible to damage from cracking, peeling, and discoloration due to harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun, temperature fluctuations, and moisture penetration.”

Jeff explains that, when it comes to log home construction, the coating needs to be breathable in order for trapped moisture to escape, preventing wood rot.

The coating needs to be able to expand and contract with the wood, and many log or timber homes exist in harsher climates that test the boundaries of overall exterior building materials in general,” Jeff says. Wooden logs used for exterior siding are no exception.”

Painting Log Cabin - Inadequate Preparation

The research and development team at United Gilson Laboratories (UGL) took on the task of protecting the natural beauty and the integrity of log and timber home finishes some years ago. The result was the introduction of ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish and its companion product, ZAR® Platinum Pro Clear Coat. The line was developed, formulated, and tested specifically to provide the finest defense for log and timber structures against the ravages of elements like sun and moisture. With Platinum Pro, nature can bring on its worst, and homeowners can rely on these outstanding finishes to guard and defend their homes with confidence.

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Teaming Translucent and Clear Coat for maximum protection is an unbeatable combination. Platinum Pro Translucent adds color and vital protection against the elements, while the Clear Coat operates as either a primer before Translucent, a stand-alone finish to showcase the natural beauty of the wood while protecting from the elements, or a finish on top of Translucent in order to add an extra layer of UV protection. These complementary finishes make the routine maintenance and upkeep of log and timber homes a simple process.

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ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent, along with the Platinum Pro Clear Coat, operate as a two cake system’ that will provide extended protection through an excellent UV package and a breathable finish that can be easily maintained for years to come,” says Jeff.

When it’s time to consider the right products to protect your log or timber home, which is no small investment, ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent and Clear Coat deliver the complete package.

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