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Getting Creative With ZAR® Platinum PRO on Your Log Home

The Best Choice for Professionals and Home Homeowners Alike

ZAR Semi-transparent Deck and Siding

When trying to find a product that combines good looks, premier protection, easy application, and low maintenance for log home interior and exterior finish, the search for the best option may seem daunting at first. But ZAR® Platinum PRO Translucent Urethane Finish from United Gilson Laboratories (UGL) makes short work of the search – and the job itself.

ZAR® Platinum PRO provides the winning combination of all these characteristics in a single outstanding product for log homeowners. But it can do so much more than that.

One of the strongest features of the ZAR® Platinum PRO is its versatility,” explained UGL Product Specialist Jeff Brooks. Due to the versatility of the product, it allows us the opportunity to expand into multiple diverse markets with ZAR® Platinum PRO.”

Brooks explains that Platinum Pro was developed from a bottom-up” approach based on a series of customer requests.

The product was developed in order to satisfy the needs of customers,” he says. The original intentions for ZAR® Platinum PRO were not for usage in multiple industries. However, as we began testing it out in the field, it was determined that the applications for ZAR® Platinum PRO far exceeded its original expectations.”

Now, it’s approved for use on a variety of surfaces, including wood, faux wood, engineered wood/​composites, fiber cement, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, veneer, plastic/​PVC, and more.

We are confident that the Platinum will work on any vertical paintable substrate that is pre-primed and conditioned to receive a coating,” Jeff noted. We do prefer some kind of embossed grain pattern with texture. ZAR® Platinum PRO can be sprayed, brushed, and/​or rolled. It works well on wood, i.e. log homes, as well as any non-porous primed substrate such as LP Smart Siding, Duratemp, fiber cement material, vinyl, PVC trim and other surfaces.”

ZAR Platinum Pro on downspouts
ZAR Platinum Pro can be used to coordinate all your home’s exterior even downspouts.

Need further proof? Consider this bona fide example.

A contractor in the Midwest has been using the product on old kitchen cabinets that were golden oak in color, one that used to be so popular some years ago,” Brooks commented. All the contractor does is make sure the oak cabinets have a bit of texture by cleaning, dulling any finish on the surface, and making sure the substrate is dry. He will then use a Graco 395 sprayer with a 210 fine finish tip to spray on only one coat of ZAR® Platinum PRO to get the job done. The cabinets look beautiful.”

Interested in creating a faux wood finish on a metal garage door? ZAR® Platinum PRO can do that too.

ZAR Platinum Pro on a Garage Door
ZAR Platinum Pro is versatile and can even be used on metal doors. 

The most important aspect of this process was the real-world field testing of the product on multiple substrates,” Jeff explained. It’s good to always push the boundaries of the product while testing in order to know where your limitations lie.”

While ZAR® Platinum PRO has already demonstrated its versatility in application, the future holds an even broader spectrum of uses for this outstanding product. UGL takes pride in its commitment to ongoing research and development, realizing the full range of possibilities for its products, and ZAR® Platinum PRO leads the way as an example of knowledge, ingenuity, and tireless commitment to excellence.

I do see future applications for ZAR® Platinum PRO that will fill a niche market that has yet to be discovered,” concluded Brooks. If and when it happens, it is the end users who often drive these opportunities. We just try to make sure they have the tools they need to succeed.”

It’s easy to learn more about the best value in finishing products on the market today. You can trust ZAR® Platinum PRO to handle a wide range of applications and surfaces. See for yourself and learn more here!