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There’s one line item left on my spring cleaning bucket list — taking on this linen closet I haven’t touched in about eight years. Relentless rummaging, begone! This quick, easy and affordable closet makeover with ZAR has me and my entire home vibe feeling 100% re-energized.

This dingy linen closet was riddled with old paint and a steady mix of practical and hoarded items. If I needed a band-aid, it was like wading through a heaping pile of mismatched tetris pieces. Ain’t nobahdy got time for that.

Here’s the video on how this closet makeover went down:


Organization is key. Get everything out of the closet, lay it out on a large surface and sort into groups; i.e.; beauty products, medical, paper products, cleaning supplies, self-care, etc. Be firm in your decisions on what to keep, donate or purge. JU CAN DO IT!


Once you’ve ascertained storage needs, find the most optimal way to contain it. I love using baskets to store just about n‑e-thang. Measure the space and get shopping!

I took a quick jaunt to my local home décor store and discovered a cohesive collection of white and natural fiber baskets in varying shapes, shells and sizes. You could certainly save a few smackaroos thrifting, too.

The harder shell baskets are fantastic for storing toiletries and paper products. The softer, more pliable ones work excellently for everyday use (blow dryer, hair ties, medical, etc.).

QUICK TIP: the soft shell baskets were a bit too tall for my space, so I tucked in the top to make sure they fit just right. The harder shell basket handles got a quick tuck as well. It really looks (and works) great!


With a fresh coat of white paint (pulled from the stockpile); a frond‑y feature wallpaper (removable, of course); and jazzing up the existing wood shelves with my favoritest wood stain of all-time, ZAR; this closet is barely recognizable of its former fittings.

On the hunt for a quintessential espresso brown wood stain, I discovered ZAR at the behest of my local hardware store about five years ago. Dark Chocolate Truffle (formerly known as Moorish Teak) is a high-quality, oil-based wood stain that beautifully covers wood in a color so rich you’ll feel like you hit the million-dollah jackpot.

The same applies for the self-leveling polyurethane, which is so dang tough that it withstood an unexpected sun shower moments after application and cured like a champ. The matte finish has an ever-so-slight sheen that’s just right for the wood shelves in this project.

Pretty swell what a little paint, wallpaper, stain and poly can do, eh?!


This closet makeover couldn’t be complete without a bit of illumination—rainbow-style! These remote-powered puck lights are such a fun way to add juuzzch to any small storage nook. The set of six comes with two remote controls, which can be conveniently stored off to the side.

They’ve got timers, too. You know, in case you want to have a party to celebrate the closet makeover you FINALLY took on. YEAH YAH DO!


All in all, this entire closet makeover cost in the ballpark of $220 smackaroos and it’s impact is worth every single penny. Brand new baskets where a major bulk of that cost ($140). In lieu of new, you could seek secondhand and easily keep this entire closet organization project under $100.

It’s an understatement to express how much I actually enjoy opening this closet door now. It’s been a long time coming (and many subtle spouse complaints LOL love you boo). Basically a mini-rave whenever we need a bar of soap or a fresh roll of TP. How isn’t that exciting?!

This closet makeover lifted our spirits and I know this DIY at home would lift yours, too.


DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by the wood refinishing extraordinaires over at ZAR. All experience and outlandish commentary are my own. I’m beyond thrilled to be featuring this product because I stand by it SO HARD. Gracious thanks for your support of Jes​si​caBrigham​.com!”