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Utilizing ZAR®’s Platinum Pro Translucent Exterior Finish on Garage Doors

This is a garage door with a dark wood finish.


The ZAR Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish is a recently launched product that can be used on vertical surfaces such as garage doors, fiber cement, panel and lap siding, vinyl, fiberglass and steel door frames, as well as primed wood. It was initially developed to meet a specific need for professional painters, but homeowners can also use this product. Spray it, roll it or brush it on your garage doors for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Why Finish a Garage Door?

Providing a professional finish on the exterior of your garage door will add years to its usability and reduce maintenance time. Selecting the most durable paint or stain will provide the following:

Weather Resistance

  • Wind-blown sand and dirt can accumulate on the finished surface of your door and will wear down the protective layers.

  • Excess moisture, wood rot and insect infestations can lead to cracking and peeling.

  • The color of your garage fades with time, and the top coat becomes thinner due to sun exposure. South-facing and west-facing garages suffer from a faster rate of fading.

Increase Durability from Contact

Odds are, your garage door is opened and closed at least once a day — sometimes more. Without an automatic opener, you have to physically handle the door to perform this simple operation, resulting in contact with the finished surface. If there are young kids in the home, the large space in front of the garage door is often the perfect playground for sports involving balls, discs and other objects that are bound to hit the doors at some point. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Garage doors should be finished with a urethane that can endure both severe use and the elements. A gloss or semi-gloss finish is ideal for garage doors. Both of these finishes are hard and scratch-resistant. Gloss urethanes in particular thrive in humidity and are simple to maintain. Although glossy and semi-gloss finishes may highlight flaws, they are nevertheless the finest choices for garage doors. 


The beauty of high-gloss is that it has a shiny, light-reflecting appearance, which gives it an almost mirror-like look. It’s a special finish because it produces such a brilliant sheen.


The distinction between flat and matte finishes is so minor that they can generally be mixed. Flat paint has a slightly lower gloss percentage than matte paint. A flat finish has a gloss of less than 5% while matte finish paints have a gloss ranging from 5% to 10%.


A matte finish reflects very little light, resulting in a dull, low-sheen appearance. The gloss level of matte is between 15% and 30%. 


Satin is another low-sheen finish that reflects more light, making it somewhat shinier. Its gloss level is between 30% and 40%.


Translucent stains are most comparable to the appearance of interior stains. They provide the widest range of hues and the greatest visibility of the underlying wood. 

Other, more conventional translucent stains require many applications before a particular appearance can be obtained. ZAR Platinum Pro Translucent Exterior Urethane Finish is unlike other products. This ground-breaking product — with a thick viscosity — may be sprayed on and provides an outstanding finish after just one coat.

Benefits of ZAR’s Platinum Pro Translucent Exterior Finish

ZAR Platinum Pro


Whether your garage doors are wood, embossed steel or embossed fiberglass, our translucent urethane finish will bring out the underlying surface texture and provide the most natural finish.

1. Superior Dry Time

Most water clean-up urethanes take two to 24 hours to dry. Platinum PRO dries in an average of 15 – 25 minutes, saving both time and money. 

2. Sprayable for Easy Application

The ZAR Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish is notable for its extremely high sag resistance. This thicker viscosity product can be sprayed with a heavier one-coat application without sag, as opposed to the standard translucent stains. If using a sprayer, we recommend airless spray application using a Graco® Fine Finish Tip .010″-.014″. The pressure should be 2400 PSI, achieving 5 – 7 wet-film-thickness (WFT).

3. Multi-Surface Application

Creating a beautiful yet strong finish, ZAR’s Platinum Pro Translucent Exterior Finish can be applied to various surfaces:

  • Wood

  • Faux wood

  • Engineered wood/​composites

  • Fiber cement

  • Vinyl

  • Fiberglass

  • Metal

  • Hardboard

  • Veneer

  • Plastic/​PVC

4. Excellent Durability

It is the preferred finish for pre-primed wood and non-porous surfaces because it has excellent resistance to corrosion and weathering. Its non-fading, extremely durable, hard finish combined with excellent adhesion means your garage doors will receive the best protection available.

Refinish Your Garage Door with ZAR


Refinish Your Garage Door with ZAR

There are many options when it comes to finishing your garage door, but our Platinum Pro exceeds the benefits of most standard offerings on the market. With a combination of one-coat application, ability to be sprayed, low VOCs and water clean-up, our advanced urethane formula is great for garage doors, wood doors, log cabins and more.

Platinum Pro carries an exceptional warranty of 15 years from the date of purchase when applied to properly prepared non-porous pre-primed surfaces from peeling, flaking and chipping and a five-year fade warranty when applied to properly prepared non-porous and wood pre-primed surfaces. Contact us today for a retail location near you.

Watch the Video Below to See the Process Step by Step: