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Using ZAR®'s Visualizer and Calculator to Estimate Jobs Correctly

ZAR®'s Visualizer and Calculator


As a professional contractor or homeowner with some big paint jobs on your list, you know that getting an accurate estimate is key to getting the job done quickly and on budget. Finding the best formula to calculate the right amount of product can be tough, and everyone seems to have their own system of estimating how much stain is needed. 

ZAR has developed a calculator that will help you get the quantity right the first time, which will save you the time and costs of extra trips to the store, where you can buy enough stain to finish what you started.

Visualizing Your Project with ZAR’s Visualizer

ZAR’s Visualizer is a great tool to help make your vision for your deck and siding a reality. The Visualizer allows you to see how ZAR’s deck and siding stains look against each other before you purchase. Simply click on the icon on the wall or deck and the color options automatically fill in. Take the guesswork out of choosing colors for the project.

How To Stain a High-Traffic Deck

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Once Visualized, Calculate Your Project with ZAR’s Coverage Area Calculator

You know what you want the finished product to look like, now you need to put a plan together to make it happen.

1. Find the Right Product for Your Project

How to Apply Stain on Exterior Wood Projects


What problem are you trying to fix? Your answer will determine which ZAR product you should use for your project:

  • Is the wood siding in good condition, and you just want to seal it?

  • What state is the wood in — natural or already stained/​painted? Do you want to apply a clear coat, a light stain or a solid color?

  • Have years of weathering dulled the look of your wood deck? A restorative coating can help bring back some of the original beauty.

ZAR Deck & Siding Solid Color Coating

ZAR Deck & Siding Solid Color Coating


ZAR Deck & Siding Solid Color Coating is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to show off the wood texture while still having full color and coverage. This innovative formula results in a stain unmatched in durability, adhesion, weatherability and color retention. You will need two coats of this product, which can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.

ZAR Deck & Siding Clear Waterproof Wood Sealer

ZAR Deck & Siding Clear Waterproof Wood Sealer


ZAR Deck & Siding Clear Waterproof Wood Sealer protects your deck and siding from water damage without changing the color of the wood. It’s perfect for new or premium wood in excellent condition. This one-coat product will clean up with soap and water.

ZAR Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain

ZAR Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain


The perfect way to show off the beauty of your wood grain is with our ZAR Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain. Our top-quality formulation creates a depth and clarity of color that cannot be matched while still being easy enough for anyone to apply. You’ll also get excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and proven durability that will make this purchase a wise investment.

This product is the perfect solution for all your unpainted wood surface needs, whether old or new. It works great on pressure-treated lumber too! With just one coat, it will cover and protect any surface, including decks, siding, docks, shakes and shingles, fences, posts, sheds and more. Plus, cleanup is a breeze with mineral spirits!

ZAR NuDECK® Wood and Concrete Restorative Coating

ZAR NuDECK® Wood and Concrete Restorative Coating


Give your surfaces a new lease on life with ZAR NuDECK Wood and Concrete Restorative Coating, a water-based wood and concrete surface coating that doesn’t require any special applicators, primers or topcoats. You can paint it over to achieve great results on both wooden and concrete decks, docks, pool areas, porches and walkways. It also provides a slip-resistant finish that is mildew resistant — perfect for high-traffic areas!

ZAR NuDECK uses elastomeric technology to fill cracks, nail holes and splinters on wood surfaces for a smooth finish. You should use at least two coats of this product for the best results.

2. Measure and Record Your Project’s Dimensions

The first thing that is required of any paint or stain job is to get an accurate measurement of all the areas that need to be coated. Make sure you include any posts or railings in your estimates and don’t forget to include the gables or any other areas above the walls, including dormers. If you can’t get an accurate measurement, then estimate the dimensions as closely as possible.

3. Enter Your Information into ZAR’s Coverage Area Calculator

Enter Your Information into ZAR’s Coverage Area Calculator


ZAR’s calculator has been designed to give accurate results based on the information you enter and the type of sealer you select. It will help take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. The calculator requires you to enter the dimensions for width, length or height. In the case of roof gables, you can enter ½ the width of the gable and the height to the peak in order to get an accurate measurement for that area.

Next, you need to enter the number of windows and doors located within the space to be stained. The software has built-in average dimensions, so you just need to input the number of each. Finally, select the product you will be using. The calculator determines the amount of stain you need based on the application parameters for each type of stain. Be sure to read the instructions on the can before starting to ensure you apply the stain correctly.

Visualize and Calculate Your Dream Project and Find All the Necessary Products with ZAR

ZAR makes it easy to visualize and calculate your dream project. With just a few simple steps, you can accurately estimate the amount of product required for your project and find everything you need to get the job done right the first time. 

Contact us today to find a retailer near you and see how easy it is to get the perfect results!