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UGL Products Approved by the Master Painters Institute (MPI)

Master Painters Institute (MPI) was developed from The Master Painters & Decorators Association, formed to remedy a defective apprenticeship system, to solve problems created by unsatisfactory materials, and to devise a means for assuring the public of the skill, honorable reputation, and integrity of master painters.

The Master Painters Institute has been qualifying products for the Approved Products List since 1967. The MPI Architectural Painting Specification and Maintenance Repainting standards are presently referenced by the Dept. of Defense Unified Facilities Guide Specification, the AIA’s MasterSpec, SpecLink, GSA, the Canadian Government’s National Master Specification, and many others.

To be listed in the MPI Approved Product listing, the manufacturer must provide technical certification that the product meets either the required MPI’s ” Detailed Performance” definition, or the MPI Evaluated Performance” definition. Then, verification is required by MPI lab tests. Continued listing is dependent upon random MPI confirmation testing.

The following is a list of products that are MPI approved:

ZAR® Interior Oil Based Wood Stain – MPI Category # 90

ZAR® ULTRA Interior Oil Based Fast Drying Polyurethane – MPI Category # 57

ZAR® Clear High Solids Polyurethane Classic – MPI Category # 56

ZAR® ULTRA Max Wood Stain – MPI Category # 186