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ZAR® NuDeck® Name Conversions

We have converted several of our previous ZAR® NuDeck® tint names to new names in addition to new tints. Please use this guide to determine if an old color has an equivalent.

New Tints

Old Name

Purely White/​Tint BaseWhite
High TeaDeep Desert Sand
Oxford BrownNEW
Sable CanyonSable
Crypto GrayNEW
Driftaway GrayNEW
Wine Country Stucco884 Navajo White
The Manor BrownManor Brown
Power DownBlack Canyon
Cosmos Gray868 Stonehedge
Gilded BeigeBeige
Gray with Envy893 Georgetown Gray
Gray MatterDeep Charcoal
Chilean SpiceNew Pilgrim Red
Starboard GreenNEW
Signature Chocolate872 Chocolate
City ShadeNEW
Red Desert Sand890 California Rustic
Down to EarthNEW
Screenshot of visualizer

Deck and Siding Visualizer

Mix and match deck and siding colors and finishes to find the right look.