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Zar color 2022

Introducing ZAR® Color of the Year 2022

Introducing ZAR® Color of the Year 2022: It’s All About YOU

color 2022

ZAR® is more than just a color of the year; ZAR® is a lifestyle. Why should you let a manufacturer persuade you into picking THEIR color of the year when it should really be all about YOU? It’s time to make 2022 all about you, and not fall into another year of the fading trends. Your style makes you, and we want you to express yourself in every element of life, including your stain color choice! This coming year, you be you and pick the color YOU love! Fill your spaces with colors and decors that make you happy. They express your true personality and make your home come alive. ZAR® has collections of color that speak to your way of living: Easy Living, Tending, Classic, Global Canvas.


Travel is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and pick up inspiration and design styles that bring back happy memories and make your space exotic and worldly. Hotels hire the best designers that take practical designs that stand the test of time and elevates each space to a different level. These are FREE design ideas from the best design pros. Start snapping pictures and organize them on your phone in a design inspiration file.

golden sunset

The Perfect Wall Color

Where do you begin? Choosing color can be overwhelming and we understand that. What color speaks to you? It could be color that ties the design together, or it could be a hue you gravitate to over and over again. You will quickly find there is a common thread that runs through all the items you own. When choosing color your wall color is the perfect place to start because it is most likely the largest area to cover. From there you can downplay or showcase the items that make you the happiest. If your décor items are muted colors, light whites, beiges, or golds and silvers, the wall color could be anything that calms you, excites you, makes you want to dance. If the items have splashes of the same color, well, guess what, that color is your inspiration!

Green Design


Once you have decided on the wall color, next comes trim. Trim can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. The proper trim and molding can make a room look bigger and add dimension and style to a standard square room. Because the trim is a relatively small part of the room, you can tint ZAR® Color Matcher or ZAR® Champagne by having your paint store put any tint color in that you desire. It could range from green to red, or blue to yellow. If you want to go more traditional consider picking a color from any of the lifestyle collections.

wood molding

Remember, using ZAR® is easy. You can use the wood trim that already exists in your space and change the color. Suppose the color is white, even better — no stripping or painting, simply clean and apply ZAR® Interior Stain right over the white paint.


The last and probably the best part is adding your furniture, carpets, pillows, and collectibles and making a room come to life. Remember to make your design feel like YOU because NOBODY can do that better! 

Let us know what YOUR color of the year is by hashtagging #ZARCOLOROFTHEYEAR2022

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Zar classic collection
This living room has a sofa with a blanket laying across it and a green piano and piano bench placed in the middle of the room overlooking the view of the ocean.
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