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Announcing The ZAR® Hues Of The Season


fall of colors

ZAR® Golden Sunset, Moroccan Red, Exotic Redwood, & Vintage Modern are warm and rich shades making for the perfect setting to transition into the changing season.

The Global Canvas Collection

Global Canvas Collection cans

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The red-hot hues of Exotic Redwood & Moroccan Red symbolize emotions of love, fire, heat, and passion. If you are looking to embrace this new season but do not want to be too bold, meet in the middle with Vintage Modern.

Vintage Modern sparks an essence of old and new, a timeless color that will never go out of style! Lastly, the rich warm hues of Golden Sunset suggest harmony and the promise of renewal. This shade gives strength and power, moving into a colder season, creating a sense of coziness and stability. The colors in this palette give us a reminder to reset our hearts and minds to be open to the changing season. Allow it to bring new energies of warmth into our lives!

Style The Colors

This color combination is bold, creating a space that is elegant but striking! Have fun with your décor for this palette and take a walk down the wild side venturing out of your comfort zone. This collection pairs beautifully with both warm and earthy tones like oranges, creams, grays, and greens. Infuse a space with comfort and joy by mixing textures, sculptures, and complementary tones. Sourced from the warm side of the color wheel, these decorative solutions can be irreverent and spicy, delightfully sophisticated, or just plain fun. Exotic Redwood & Moroccan Red make a statement and pair beautifully with the burnt orange shades of fall. Golden Sunset embraces the feeling of warmth and light creating an airy and cozy environment. Vintage Modern never grows old and will make styling not only this season but all seasons a breeze!

fall inspiration

If you want your décor to reflect your worldly sensibilities and appreciation of the extraordinary, let this diverse compilation of stains let your imagination — and décor – wander off to exotic places. This collection of colors can take you on a journey or showcase the places you’ve been.

global canavas

Allow this color palette to spark inspiration and ignite a new fire from within this Fall. For more inspiration, click here!

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