Shields against sun, rain, snow and salt air

Choose ZAR® Exterior Stains and Deck Care products for superior protection. Whether your wood is new or old, untreated or previously stained, we have a solution to meet your needs. Use with confidence on decks, railings, posts, sheds, siding, lattice, furniture, pressure-treated lumber, log cabins, outside decor, jungle gyms, swing sets, and more.

New deck with cedar toner

How we earned Ken’s respect...

Ken Guillory coated his new deck with cedar toner back in 2003. As it didn’t hold up to extreme sunlight, he was not particularly happy. In 2004, while working at Cooper Paint and Decorating, he decided to power wash the deck and apply ZAR® Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain.

In 2009, still happy with the finish, he prepped the deck again and applied ZAR® Natural Honey Toner using a 4-inch brush for the deck boards and top rails, and a 1.5-inch brush for the spindles. So pleased was he with ZAR®’s performance, he painted his cedar siding in Navajo White and has become a lifelong customer.