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How to Estimate the Right Amount of Stain for Your Project

a log cabin surrounded by professionals applying Platinum PRO

The basic questions of quality and quantity rapidly rise to the forefront when the time comes to choose an interior and exterior finish product for your log or timber home. ZAR® Platinum PRO Translucent Urethane Finish from United Gilson Laboratories (UGL) puts the quality question to rest quickly. ZAR® offers durability, ease of application, vibrant color selection, and lasting good looks for years to come. In turn, homeowners and industry professionals proceed with confidence, knowing that ZAR® is the première product for the job at hand.

Determining how much ZAR® you’ll need to get the job completed has become much easier as well – introducing the ZAR® Coverage Area Calculator!

Not sure how much you need new

Not sure how much product you need?

Deciding how much ZAR® is needed is a task that must be determined in preparation to complete the job,” says Sales Development Manager Jeff Brooks. Indeed, it’s crucial for painting contractors in estimating jobs. Measurements and counts are calculated in order to give an accurate estimate to the customer. Color, material, and shape of surface will also have an impact on pricing.”

professionals applying Platinum PRO to a garage door

So, how does the ZAR® Coverage Area Calculator work? It’s simple. Just visit the website at zar​.com/​z​a​r​-​c​o​v​e​r​a​g​e​-​a​r​e​a​-​c​a​l​c​u​lator, and follow the directions. Enter the dimensions of the area to be covered, the number of windows and doors, select the product of choice, and click. 

coverage calculator example

In a flash, your answer is revealed! The ZAR® Coverage Area Calculator provides the following information: total square feet; product gallons needed to complete the first coat; product gallons needed to complete the second coat, and total product gallons to finish the job. What could be easier?

The ZAR® Coverage Area Calculator eliminates the guesswork, and even if you haven’t quite decided which ZAR® product is right for you, it’s easy to insert other finishes and recalculate. In seconds, the necessary information to complete your specific project is available – and information is power.

professional applying Platinum PRO to a log cabin

The calculations are intended as estimates, and the amount of ZAR® required may change according to product, surface conditions, and other factors. However, the calculator’s accuracy is remarkable, providing the consumer with a real, practical tool that solves one of the classic variables in project completion.

Brooks added, The calculator can assist by taking into consideration the type of material, its spread rate, the number of coats required for the specific material, and the shape of the area. The calculator takes into account the number of doors and windows present in the home for a more accurate calculation.”

applying NuDECK to a deck

UGL® is proud to offer the ZAR® Coverage Area Calculator; in addition to top-quality products, it’s just one more way the company has built an outstanding relationship with their customers since 1932. 

We want the customer experience when taking on a project utilizing ZAR® to be seamless and enjoyable,” Jeff concluded. By providing the tools needed, such as our coverage calculator, the consistency of estimating a job or purchasing the correct amount of material makes the experience more enjoyable.”

applying ZAR interior stain to bathroom vanity

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