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Choosing The Right Stain and Color: Should You Stain Everything the Same?

Choosing the right stain to produce the perfect shade or hue for your log home is an adventure that promises a tremendous reward with the finished project. One of the most frequent questions to arise for homeowners is whether to use a single color of stain throughout their project or to include a complementary color to enhance the overall look and appeal of the home.

ZAR Platinum Pro Color Selection
ZAR Platinum Pro makes choosing a color simple and easy

For log homeowners, ZAR® Platinum PRO Translucent Urethane Finish from United Gilson Laboratories (UGL) makes the task of choosing a color simple and easy…and even enjoyable.

It does become a matter of preference,” noted UGL Product Specialist Jeff Brooks. Of course, whether the log home is stained all one color or multiple colors, it has no bearing on the overall performance of the product. Some homeowners, not as much in the log home industry, do prefer a slight contrast in color between the body of the cabin, the trim and the deck portion attached.”

Platinum Pro siding and Trim
Decorative look is matching a different trim color to your siding 

Whether a single shade or more than one is to your liking, ZAR® Platinum PRO is available in a spectrum of colors. Pick your favorite or mix and match. Individual expression is, after all, the most exciting part of a log home project, and ZAR® Platinum PRO will help you achieve the look and feel of a lifetime.

ZAR® Platinum PRO offers 10 ready mix colors ranging from brown with red undertones to brown with orange undertones, brown with yellow undertones, and a straight brown with no undertones,” Jeff explained. We also offer gray and black colors.

A slight variation in color on your accent areas can enhance the overall main color of the body of the log home,” he continued. As you know, there are colors that work well together, and some that do not!”

So where to start? Jeff has a few suggestions.

If you’re thinking about combinations, chestnut brown paired with barnwood gray, mahogany paired with chestnut brown, and butternut paired with a darker brown such as chestnut can be desirable choices,” Jeff advised. Our charcoal color utilized as a trim with our natural cedar is another favorite option. I’ve seen our barnwood gray used for the body of a log home while golden wheat was used on the trim and window flower boxes. That combination really looked great!”

Platinum Pro Siding and Door Image
ZAR Platinum Pro allows a mix and match of siding and trim to coordinate for a cohesive look

ZAR® Platinum PRO allows log homeowners to think outside the box. The results are dazzling with either single or complementary colors. And while most log homeowners may choose a single, it’s always fun to explore options. Plus, it offers the best value in the industry, getting the job done in one coat, drying in 12 to 25 minutes, covering 500 square feet per gallon, and cleaning up with soap and water. It’s perfect for wood, faux wood, engineered wood and composites, fiber cement, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, veneer, and plastic/​PVC. For pre-primed, non-porous surfaces, the strength of a 15-year warranty against peeling, flaking and chipping – and a 5‑year fade warranty for unprimed wood surfaces – provide powerful reassurance for the purchaser.

For homeowners shopping for other products, like the ZAR® Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain or the ZAR® Deck & Siding Solid Color Coating, the color visualizer tool allows you to see the options in seconds, taking much of the guesswork out of the time-consuming mix and match chore. Give it a try yourself!

It’s easy to experiment with a single color or combination. Confirm that color you’ve always thought would look best and then, just for fun, take a moment to consider something completely different – no risk…no worries. You don’t even have to leave your computer! The color visualizer enhances the experience, and the broad palette of available hues is sure to provide an option for everyone. 

No matter which product you’re shopping for, you can rest easy knowing ZAR® products are designed with superior integrity so you can enjoy the finished results with confidence.