ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch

ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch

ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch is a low-odor, ready-to-use latex patching compound for floors.

As this product accepts stain readily and uniformly, using it when a patched area requires stain greatly diminishes the lighter area or “halo” effect around the patch that typically occurs with the use of other wood fillers.

ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch Application


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Quick Overview

ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch’s creamy, easy-to-sand formula fills open-grain and nail holes, and repairs cracks, gouges and minor blemishes on wood surfaces.

  • May be sanded, nailed, sawed, painted, varnished, shellacked, polyurethaned or stained
  • Water mixable
  • Non-flammable
  • Low odor

Product Features:

  • Colors: Red Oak, White Oak and Maple/Ash/Pine
  • Tintable
  • Sizes: gallon, 3.5 gallon
  • Coverage: 2,600 cubic feet per 3.5 gallons
  • Application tools: non-metallic, smooth edge finishing trowel
  • Set time: 1 hour before sanding, overnight before applying oil base stain, 1.5-2 hours before latex stain or paint


  • Wood

Ready-Mixed Colors

Red Oak Red Oak
White Oak White Oak
Maple/Ash/Pine Maple/Ash/Pine

Please note, colors are RGB web approximations of the actual shades.



Remove all dirt, grease, oil, and loose particles from the patch area.* Dampen surfaces to be patched with water. Do not use when material and/or air temperature is below 50°F.


Pour ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch on the floor surface. Using a non-metallic, smooth edge finishing trowel, spread the wood patch across the entire surface. Be sure to press ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch into the surface to fill all the cracks. The surface may be sanded after 1 hour. Deep areas should be filled in layers, allowing each layer to dry between applications. Sand after the last layer has completely dried. Final sanding should remove all ZAR® Trowelable Wood Patch from the surface of the wood, leaving the patch only in the surface cracks and nail holes. Allow the patch to dry overnight before applying an oil-based stain, and wait 1.5 to 2 hours before applying latex paint.


Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused contents in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

USAGE STATEMENT: Prior to use, carefully read the product label and follow the directions. For technical information, warnings, cautions, notices, and additional information, download and read the documentation available on this website.

* WARNING: If you scrape, sand or remove old paint, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a NIOSH-approved respirator to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or visit